Revolutionize your contact center with on-demand expertise

LiveOps Talent handles over 100,000 inbound insurance calls weekly for several large insurance companies, utilizing over 600 independent at-home agents licensed in all 50 states  nationwide. In addition to licensed and non-licensed customer acquisition, LiveOps Talent can also handle a variety of financial services/insurance products or call types, including:

• Lead Generation
• First Notice of Loss
• Roadside Assistance (Sales and Dispatch)
• Extended Warranty (Sales and Renewals)
• Identity Theft
• Debt Cancellation
• Credit Card Activation

The most secure cloud contact center

As the largest cloud contact center in the world with some of the largest financial services and insurance customers, LiveOps has built multiple layers of security that meet and exceed the industry’s security and compliance requirements, including PCI Level 1 certification and HIPPA.

Each LiveOps Talent independent agent goes through an extensive background check, and conducts business through a secure and encrypted workspace that enables data to be accessed in a secure environment. Only those computers which meet LiveOps' rigorous security standards are allowed to log on.

LiveOps can also enforce in-depth antivirus, personal firewall, system integrity, and service pack compliance checks every time an agent's computer connects to LiveOps.

Get started quickly

Whether you're interested in overflow capacity for an existing campaign, testing head-to-head with your current call center, or exploring a new direct marketing channel, it's easy to get started with LiveOps.

With LiveOps Talent, there are no installation costs or long-term contracts required, so we can structure a flexible solution and pricing model that fits your objectives. And with minimal set-up, you can get started with a risk-free trial program — contact us today to find out how!